Why Do You Need Orthodontics For Your Smile?

Let’s talk about your orthodontic treatment. Many people wonder if orthodontics is for them or not; is it really necessary to go to a specialist’s office and get a long treatment? The answer will mostly depend on what you wish to achieve, but it might help to know why you should consider getting help from the best orthodontist Kaneohe has available.

The reasons why you might need this specialized dental treatment vary. Still, we can generally categorize them as those only concerned with your cosmetic concerns and others related to the function of your dental structures.

Let’s go over a short recap in case you’re wondering what orthodontics is and why you might need it.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

As some of our colleagues call it, orthodontia is a specialized dental treatment focusing on your teeth and jaw alignment. Let’s defer to our friends at the American Dental Association (ADA) for a standardized definition.

Our specialty is one that diagnoses, prevents, intercepts, and corrects jaw malocclusions and skeletal abnormalities for both developing and mature orofacial structures.

That’s a lot of words, so here’s us trying to make it less complicated: orthodontics checks that your teeth and jaws are well-aligned.

To this end, orthodontists use non-surgical methods and avoid invasive procedures that would otherwise require the presence of other specialists. These non-surgical methods rely on various types of appliances, such as the well-known dental braces.

Why would you need braces?

Tooth Spacing Problems

It’s possible that your teeth grow in a direction that moves them away from their ideal position. Such conditions result from genetic and environmental factors. If your parents suffered from tooth malalignment, you may too. Likewise, if you’ve suffered an accident where there was direct physical damage to your tooth, it may move or become malaligned.

Diastema or Gap Teeth

Your teeth could grow, leaving an extensive space in between them. This condition receives the name of diastema, though many call it gap teeth. Initially, it may seem to be a purely cosmetic problem, but this space could harbor food debris and other particles that feed harmful bacteria. In such cases, your teeth might be at an increased risk of developing tooth decay.

Dental Crowding

Just as your teeth can grow apart from each other, they can also grow towards each other and bunch up. These cases make it hard to maintain good oral hygiene. Using dental floss becomes increasingly difficult.

Many people consider taking care of these issues only as a cosmetic procedure; however, this is not always the case. Well-aligned teeth are easier to clean and maintain in a healthy state.

How to Fix Jaw Malocclusion?

Orthodontists use appliances to achieve an appropriate relationship between all your dental structures, not just teeth. Your jaws may also be misaligned as a result of genetic or environmental factors. In any such case, you can trust dental alignment specialists to help you out. Which are some common causes of jaw malocclusions?


Keep in mind these are all problems where jaws are not well-aligned. In the case of an overbite, when you bite down, your upper teeth will completely cover your lower ones.


This case is the opposite of what we just described. People who suffer from an underbite will notice their lower teeth cover their upper ones when they bite down. Remember, when we say “bite down,” we mean that you make your molars touch each other, not your front teeth.

The Case for Cosmetic Reasons

Not all individuals want to wear dental braces because of concerns about their dental health. Many choose to use these orthodontic appliances to have a near-perfect smile.

Many orthodontic problems also cause cosmetic issues. Some teenagers and adults will feel uncomfortable with the way their smile looks.

Orthodontic treatment can also help in those cases.

Still, we wanted to remind our readers of a very important thing. You shouldn’t live in constant fear of what others will say about the way your smile looks. When you choose to undergo orthodontic treatment, you should be convinced about the reasons that motivate you.

Orthodontics is, above all else, a healthcare treatment. We ensure that your quality of life improves as a result of carefully planned treatments. The beautiful smiles are a great byproduct, to be sure, but they are not the only reason why you can trust us to help you.

All that said, there is a positive correlation between well-aligned teeth and improved self-esteem. Check out this study to learn more.

Get the Help You Need

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Set an appointment and get ready to begin treatment with the best orthodontist Kaneohe has to offer and work your way to a healthy and beautiful smile.

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