According to our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), kids should visit an orthodontist for the first time no later than age 7. Let’s review why these early visits and treatment are so important.

Early Orthodontic Treatment in Kaneohe

Kids can come to our office to get help from the best orthodontist Kaneohe has available. Our team can help your child from an early age with an evaluation. Please note that such an evaluation may not necessarily mean they will require treatment, but it will help a lot if any signs show they will suffer from orthodontic problems later on. We want to monitor your child’s dental development and determine the best treatment plan for your child to prevent the development of too severe orthodontic conditions.

Every kid’s development is unique. Most children will see their molars emerge around age six; alongside other markers, we can trace their ideal teeth alignment and determine if there will be adequate space for their permanent teeth. If anything looks off, we’ll recommend treatment.

Common Orthodontic Problems in Kids

The treatment for common orthodontic problems will usually start anywhere between ages 9 and 14. The main corrective phase requires all baby teeth to have fallen off, and that permanent ones erupt. Still, we don’t want to wait too long and skip the chance to treat any of these alignment conditions while the child’s dental structures are still growing and malleable.

One such case is the correction of a severe crossbite. To treat this alignment problem, where the upper teeth sit behind the front lower teeth when your kid closes their mouth, we use a palatal expander. This device gradually and painlessly widens the upper jaw, a treatment most efficient while the jaw develops.

Waiting too long to solve these issues might leave orthodontic treatments out of the question and instead require invasive procedures such as oral surgery.

Your Child Can Benefit From Early Treatment in Kaneohe

If they suffer from crowding, your child can also benefit from the best early treatment Kaneohe residents can find. Severe tooth crowding results from jaws without sufficient space for erupting permanent teeth. The above-mentioned palatal expander can work wonders, but there’s also the possibility of requiring tooth extraction. Do keep in mind that we don’t recommend tooth extractions as our first option and always prefer to leave teeth in to be as minimally disruptive as possible.

Early interventions can help make braces treatments during your kid’s teenage years much shorter. Likewise, phase one orthodontics can help correct protruding teeth and severe underbites. Thus, you’ll help minimize the risk of uneven wear to your child’s teeth’ enamel, tooth fractures, bite problems, and problems with self-esteem.

As we use orthodontic appliances in these early treatments, we can correct alignment issues and avoid the need for surgical procedures.

Helping Your Kid Correct Bad Habits

Anyone may pick up on a bad habit. Some of these can result in dental development complications. We want to help your child correct such behaviors and preserve their teeth and jaw functionality. Some examples of bad habits with a negative impact on dental health are

  • Persistent thumb sucking
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Mouth breathing

You can expect any kid to suck on things they bring to their mouth, especially during early childhood. However, such reflex usually disappears between ages 2 and 4. If it persists, it could move teeth apart and change their jaw shape, leading to conditions like an open bite and impairing speech. Likewise, tongue thrusting can push the teeth away as your kid’s tongue presses against them.

Mouth Breathing

This abnormal breathing pattern passes air directly to the lungs and can alter the muscular function of your child’s tongue and face. It can also cause abnormal growth of your kid’s upper and lower jaws, leading to other alignment conditions. Any child can develop mouth breathing due to physical difficulties, but it will remain a hard-to-break habit if untreated.

Get Kaneohe Early Treatment for Your Child

All these reasons are why we’ve put at your disposal the best early orthodontic treatments Kaneohe residents can find. The sooner we start correcting these problems, the greater the odds of reducing any damage they can cause.

Such problems are not easy to recognize by the untrained eye; let the professionals help you and your child. Bring your child for an early orthodontic screening, and let us help your child achieve the best possible version of their smile.


What is early orthodontic treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment in Kaneohe, Hawaii refers to orthodontic intervention before the eruption of permanent dentition (except third molars) is complete. This means that an orthodontist focuses on guiding a young patient’s dental development while still having a mixture of primary and permanent teeth.

What is the best age to start orthodontic treatment in Kaneohe, Hawaii?

Early orthodontic treatment in Kaneohe may start in children as early as 6 years old, however some orthodontists may suggest that the best age for an orthodontic assessment is 8 to 10 years; during that time period, a child usually has a combination of baby teeth and mature teeth. For adults, there is no right or wrong age. As long as you have good oral health, you may begin treatment. Always consult with an orthodontist before starting treatment.

Will the orthodontist remove braces early?

No, The main goal with orthodontic treatment is to ensure that your teeth and bite are both in proper alignment. Removing your braces before treatment time ends could result in your teeth going back to their old position.

Can I switch orthodontists during treatment in Kaneohe, Hawaii?

Yes, you can always choose to switch specialists if you have to move or when you feel more comfortable with another dental health specialist. Make sure you let your orthodontist know in advance, and they will forward all of your clinical history information to the orthodontist of your choice. Make sure you carefully choose your best option for early orthodontic treatment in Kaneohe to avoid accidental interruptions in your treatment.

What makes early orthodontic treatment necessary?

In most cases, early orthodontic treatment can help the child avoid prolonged and painful orthodontic treatments, guide their dental development, and prevent speech or breathing difficulties. Make sure to ask an orthodontist if your child needs such treatment.