Debunking Myths With Your Orthodontist in Kaneohe

Orthodontist in Kaneohe

As the best orthodontist Kaneohe residents can find, the specialists and staff at Hawaiian Smiles want to make sure to provide you with excellent service from the moment you walk through our door.

Our goal is to give you the healthy, straight, beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. Our practice will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your orthodontic care is as rewarding as possible.

We utilize the latest technology, offering a variety of safe and gentle treatment options to give you the customized, individual care you and your ohana deserve. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Hawaiian Smiles:

  • Professional & quality care
  • Three convenient locations
  • Innovative orthodontic appliances
  • Patient rewards

We want to make sure we always provide you with high-quality care. What’s even better, our doctors also like to take to the community to provide patients with accurate information regarding orthodontics.

The best orthodontist Kaneohe residents have at their disposal are taking on Internet myths that may be causing you, your family, or friends to doubt the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment. Let’s take a look at them and check if you could instead benefit from this specialized treatment.

Your Orthodontist in Kaneohe Busts These Myths

In our experience, patients are generally well-informed. After all, we’re talking about a lengthy process that requires your dedication. Patients come to the office already knowing a bit about orthodontic treatment, which is great!

Unfortunately, however, some of that knowledge can come from misinformed friends and family or unreliable internet sources, not to mention friends or family that have had bad experiences with orthodontists in their area.

Here we will bust some of the most common orthodontic myths regarding orthodontics!

Traditional Metal Braces Are the Best and Only Option if I Want Perfect Teeth

Fact: Advancements in technology, without a doubt, have made metal braces more comfortable than ever. However, many patients dread the idea of metal wires and brackets in their mouths.

Some patients primarily fear this treatment because they feel self-conscious about smiling and everyone seeing the orthodontic device so clearly.

Today, there are many more discreet options for orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign. With Invisalign clear aligners as your treatment choice at Hawaiian Smiles, it is possible to achieve the perfect smile without ever seeing a wire or bracket!

Invisalign is a clear aligner system that uses a series of clear, customized aligners to move teeth into the perfect position gradually. It’s a great option for teens and adults.

Enjoy the near-complete invisibility and removability throughout your orthodontic treatment. Only a few people will notice your aligners when you smile, and you can remove the trays when you brush your teeth to keep optimal oral health during treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment Is Extremely Expensive

Fact: Orthodontists accredited by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), such as our resident specialists at Hawaiian Smiles, craft customized treatment plans for each case.

Dental health care providers develop treatments that fit each patient’s needs. As such, fees directly reflect the complexity of each case, from simple cases which only take months to treat to challenging ones taking a couple of years.

Another benefit is that many Orthodontists offer flexible payment plans and are willing to work with patients to help them achieve a beautiful smile.

Once I Finish My Treatment With Braces, My Teeth Will Stay Straight

Fact: The use of retainers after your time in braces is almost as important as the time you spend with braces.

Straightening your teeth and correcting your bite is only half the battle. Braces work to straighten teeth permanently, but your smile can still shift after alignment. After your orthodontist removes your orthodontic appliance, your teeth will try to return to their original position; we call this phenomenon “orthodontic relapse.”

This is why orthodontic retainers are so important to finish your treatment successfully! Most orthodontists recommend wearing your removable or permanent retainer every day for the first few months.

From there, the conditions might change, and you could wear your removable retainers only at night.

To get the best results depending on your specific situation, always make sure to follow the instructions provided to you by your Kaneohe orthodontist.

I’m Too Old to Begin Treatment and Orthodontics Is Just for Kids

Fact: You’re never too old to benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Fortunately, no matter your age, properly aligned teeth contribute to your overall oral health and a beautiful smile and remain achievable; you only have to pay attention to some additional details. According to the AAO, back in 2018, some 1.61 million adults were receiving orthodontic treatment.

A well-aligned and healthy smile leads to improved self-esteem and a better-rounded social life. Leaving misaligned teeth untreated could lead to other dental problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. You could also suffer from uneven wear and tear on tooth enamel and difficulties chewing and speaking.

Adult orthodontic treatment can correct crooked teeth or spacing that you’ve been self-conscious about for years.  It can also create a better bite by fitting your teeth together better and decreasing the risk of future dental issues.

How You Can Get Help From an Orthodontist in Kaneohe

Now that we have busted some myths about orthodontics, we hope you are eager to visit a specialist and get a consultation. Also, please don’t forget the importance of dental hygiene!

Tooth loss and gum disease are common causes of teeth shifting, which later turn into the need for orthodontics.

Brushing and flossing thoroughly at least twice a day and scheduling regular dental check-ups will go a long way towards keeping your teeth as healthy as possible and protecting that million-dollar smile you worked so hard to achieve. Be careful, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the risk increases with age as 70.1% of adults, 65 or older, have some type of periodontal disease.

The doctors. and staff at Hawaiian Smiles, your trusted orthodontists in Kaneohe, look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our Orthodontic family.

Please fill out an appointment request here, and one of our team members will contact you to schedule an appointment with us.

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