Best Places to Eat Ice Cream in Kaneohe

Ice Cream Options in Kaneohe

Aloha Kau Wela. Yes, hello summer, and hello, good times in Kaneohe. Who could deny this is the best season of the year, and we love to share this time with family and friends in paradisiac Kaneohe.

We can do plenty of activities, from enjoying some of the most spectacular worldwide recognized beaches to just sitting and enjoying creamy and delicious ice cream.  

Summertime is a synonym for flip-flop walking down the alley, getting into an ice cream parlor, and enjoying some of the best ice creams in town. So, without further introduction, we recommend enjoying a frozen cone with your family in Kaneohe.

Top Ice Creameries in Kaneohe

We visited the top three ice cream stores in Kaneohe and compared reviews from different sources about them and other places to bring our ice cream top picks.

Uncle’s Ice Cream & Sandwiches

Paul is the Uncle who used to grow lettuce for local restaurants. Later, he found a short offer of desserts, so he decided to start his ice cream business. Uncle Paul was happy to see people posting selfies with his delicious ice cream creations, and we agree that nobody wants to get a selfie with a lettuce bunch. 

So, this is how a five-star review entrepreneurship started, and now we are happy to say we enjoy he switched from growing hydroponic lettuce to making delicious and creamy ice treats.

We had the chance to try the limited edition Uncles Ice Cream Sandwich and were simply delighted with the flavor. It is not a coincidence Paul says his recipes were a trial and error until they are not only right, but we want to say, perfect!

If you don’t mind making a short trip for ice cream, Uncle’s is our top pick for a frozen treat this summer.

Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats

And this is another five-star ice creamery. They have a huge selection of flavors you don’t want to miss. The great news is that you can find them at 46-056 Kamehameha Hwy Fl 2. +

Although they are at a counter, they have a friendly staff, and you can get delicious halo-halo here with the ice cream you choose.


Frost is a big place located in Kailua, and the best part is kids love it; you won’t regret taking your little kids there. The house specialty is lots of love for children and delicious froyo, yeah!

At Frost, you can enjoy a good time, have a delicious and always fresh treat with family, and get your bowl super, or I meant to say super bowl? Whatever it is, we love Frost and taking our children there. 

Tats Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice on a sunny summer day, and getting it at an ice cream truck is just fantastic. But, honestly, who can’t get enough condensed milk? Nobody can. Once the guy is pouring condensed milk on top of the shaved ice, you feel like saying put some more. 

The best part is you can find the truck in Kaneohe, so you don’t have to go to Kailua or Honolulu to enjoy a fresh treat.

Double Three

We’ve never seen a bubble waffle cone that big, looking that delicious, and of course, delicious. Double Tree is a small but friendly place to enjoy a huge bubble cone you can never finish.

These guys locate in Kailua; we are sure you won’t mind driving there to assist in this spectacle of cone-like waffles full of ice cream to the skies and dressed with your favorite toppings. All we can say is, mmm, mmm yummy!    

So Much More and the Best Orthodontist in Kaneohe, HI

If you are not a local and you are asking yourself, where should someone vacation in Hawaii for the first time? Or What are the best places to go in Hawaii? Remember going to Kaneohe Bay, Kaneohe Sandbar, Lanikai Beach, Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens, and He’eia State Park.

If you feel like having a more spiritual experience, visit the Valley of the Temples, Byodo-In Temple, and Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven). Kaneohe offers an array of experiences for visitors and locals, and you can never skip getting ice cream in the summer.

Just remember some ice cream contains sugar that feeds bacteria in our mouths and can produce tooth decay, and you must be extra careful if you are wearing orthodontic appliances. 

So, brush and floss your teeth regularly after meals and after getting delicious ice cream, and remember you are a call away from having a beautiful smile. At Hawaiian Smiles Orthodontics, our friendly staff will gladly assist you with any orthodontic concerns and emergencies.

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