What Makes the Best Orthodontist in Kaneohe?

Finding the best orthodontist in Kaneohe is not so difficult.

Dental care is essential to your overall health, and orthodontics is part of complete oral health. Your teeth are fundamental bones placed in your mouth to fulfill your eating needs. Or at least that is the first use we give to our dentures.

The truth is we also need healthy teeth to speak correctly. Teeth, tongue, and palate all play a key role in the development of our pronunciation skills. Broadly speaking, we all have the same characteristics and the same organs in our mouths.

Of course, there are so many humans that we can find anything among us. What happens when a person requires external and expert help in order to speak or eat like the rest of us? The reasons why orthodontics is fundamental are abundant.

Oral hygiene is another factor in which orthodontics is key. Aligned teeth are easier to clean because they don’t allow nooks for bacteria to hide. Periodontal pockets can become a goldmine for bacteria to thrive and cause cavities.

You can floss a straight smile; this habit is paramount to avoiding cavities and gum disease. Orthodontics is the only way to solve these problems and all thanks to aligner treatments.

What Are the Things to Consider When Looking for an Orthodontist?

Since your teeth have such a marked effect on your general life, the people you trust to check and take care of them ought to be top-notch professionals. Make sure the doctors at your dental practice pass this little test.

Licensed Doctors and Board Certifications

Your orthodontist should have a verifiable track record as well as studies, diplomas, and certifications from medical and academic authorities in the field. If you lack information on this matter, you can always do some quick research on the internet.

Doctors are aware of this, and that’s why most of them will offer this information without you having to ask.

List of Services

A dental office is not a supermarket, so, as a patient, what you need is not a wide list of services and specialties in one clinic. However, it’s great when one doctor can offer diverse types of orthodontic treatment.

Working with cutting-edge technology is key for you and your doctor. Invisalign treatment, 3D scanning, safe whitening treatment, ceramic braces, and other functional appliances.

Most dental practices have both dentists and orthodontists in the same office, and this saves patients lots of time. Counting with assistance for teens and adults can be very helpful also.

Emergency Assistance

Wherever you live, it’s important for you to know the exact address of hospitals and doctors. A dental practice is not an exception to this since you can have an emergency related to your teeth, mouth, or orthodontic appliances.

You should always have identified an orthodontist and dentist for you and your family in case an emergency occurs. And these dental experts should be near your area because emergencies do not wait for anybody. Some emergencies will need a surgeon or an ER room.

Who Is The Best Orthodontist in Kaneohe?

At Hawaiian Smiles Orthodontics, we have Dr. Errol Yim, a board-certified orthodontist specializing in orthodontic treatment for children. Kids require unique service since normal procedures can really scare them. Dr. Yim is also qualified to practice dental surgery.

On the other hand, Dr. Satya Nayak has a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry. His wife, Dr. Nicole Fernandez (general dentistry), is another dentist at our practice.

You can find them at Hawaiian Smiles Orthodontics in Kaneohe, and there are Hawaiian Smiles in other cities, so keep that in mind if you want to have them as your doctors.

We can treat your denture to achieve your perfect smile with Invisalign or traditional braces. 

Orthodontics Emergency Kaneohe

Not every emergency you have during your orthodontic treatment requires immediate attention from your doctor. As a matter of fact, there are some orthodontic emergencies you can solve at home.

Orthodontic Emergencies You Can’t Solve at Home

  • Broken, chipped, cracked, or loose tooth. If you are experiencing any of these, you should call your doctor and let them know about the problems. If you have any of these issues after an accident or trauma, head to your dental office as soon as possible.
  • Bleeding gums. In cases where a major injury is causing heavy bleeding from any area of your gums, and the bleeding won’t stop, head to your dental emergency room immediately.
  • Lost tooth. This type of accident usually causes panic in people as it cannot be solved. Go straight to your nearest dental emergency practice; your doctors will be able to help you.

Orthodontic Emergencies You Can Treat at Home

  • Loose bracket or wire. Normally, this is an issue that can wait until your next appointment. If the wire or brackets are still in place, but they hurt your mouth, apply dental wax where they touch your mouth. If the bracket falls off, you can save it until you visit your orthodontist.
  • Poking wire. When your archwires have a pointy end, they can cause ulcerations in your gums. Sometimes wax is not enough, but you can try to bend the wire in a safe direction, or you can cut it with a nail clipper or a pair of tweezers.
  • Swallowed appliance. If you are breathing normally, you have nothing to worry about. Your body will naturally get rid of the small piece.

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