Colorful Elastic Bands Ideas For Traditional Braces

Use different color combinations to inject personality to your treatment with braces

When a patient uses fixed orthodontic braces, it is almost inevitable not to realize that the brackets and crossed wires are there, especially when they open their mouth and smile.

Incidentally, and good for us, the metal braces users, some social groups or people observe the braces and feel identified because they have used them before and know the whole process of wearing them.

Other people get happy because seeing someone wear braces gives them confidence after getting great results from a bit of treatment time sacrifice.

Most people are generally indifferent to seeing another person wear braces because it is common in society today. Wearing braces is almost as normal as wearing glasses.

Fortunately, despite how common it is to wear braces, there are also customization options that fascinate teenagers and adults and consist of choosing rubber bands with their favorite colors.

This article reviews the best bracket elastics customization options and mentions some orthodontic treatments that offer greater invisibility for patients looking for discretion.

Braces Ideas & Color Combinations

When deciding which color to choose, you can select palettes according to your personality, age, or even your profession.

In our experience, teenage girls like to go for colors like fuchsia, light pink, pastels, and various shades of turquoise. They might also combine them with their eye color and blend them with their skin tone. However, in some cases, some adult women opt for more sober color options or lighter colors such as light blue.

For example, men can choose dark green, gray, and dark blue colors, which also denote seriousness and maturity. However, in several cases, young men can opt for bright and glow-in-the-dark bands

However, nothing stops you from making the combinations you like. For example, you can show your personality using various colored bands. How about wearing elastics with the color of your University? or What about your School colors?

We also recommend using rubber bands that relate to a color schema nicely and neatly. We refer to the theory of color (color wheel) and how its application evokes sensations in the people who look at them, who can feel visual calm and peace.

We recommend you identify a harmonic color palette because a lack of harmony can bring a chaotic visual sensation. In braces, there are no rules but if you want to denote a state of mind, learning about color theory is a good idea.

Holiday Ideas for Braces Elastics’ Color Combinations

Using a holiday as an excuse to alternate the colors of the bracket ligatures sounds like a great idea. For example, what do you think of orange elastics on Halloween? Simply fantastic and much better if you wear black clothes.

Here we bring you several fun ideas we have imagined for your holiday celebrations with cool colors and popular choices.

Independence Day

We cannot overlook the most important national day in the USA. So, as a tradition, you can use the colors that represent our glorious flag in your brackets.

You can alternate blue, white, and red, three by three, on your teeth or choose to use only blue or red or a combination of red and blue that we are sure will be the one that attracts the most attention.


Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The colors, the music, the gifts, and the atmosphere make us happy. The green and red colors evoke Christmas emotions in us; you can also use them as elastics on braces.

You can combine these colors or use one on all your teeth- how about combining green with a Christmas sweater? Then, you might want to appear at the Christmas dinner and be the charm of your family gathering.


Before leaving home for trick-or-treating, we recommend you brush your teeth after every meal and limit your sugar intake as much as possible to avoid tooth decay or periodontal disease.

Now, back to the fun. You can use unusual black bands if you want to wear a spooky witch costume, maybe using darker colors. If your costume is a ghost, you can use some white elastics to terrify the whole neighborhood.

Feel free to choose the colors you like the most and have fun with palettes that represent your mood, like neon green, or maybe think of some important events, such as pink on the breast cancer commemoration day.

Sports Teams Color Combinations

Do you love football, baseball, or basketball? Whether you are a fan of any sport, you might want to represent those colors in any possible way.

You might feel tempted to wear socks with your team colors. But what about dressing in the colors of the University of Hawaii? or maybe you prefer your favorite sports team colors?

Maybe you want to go a little further and choose green and white for the elastics of your braces. This should be a lot of fun.

The awesome part is that you transmit your enthusiasm with the same colors for all the sports of the University of Hawaii, like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, and volleyball teams, and spread some team spirit.

Alternatives to Braces

Playing with the elastic bands’ colors of braces bands is fun, but not all patients are alike. In some cases, some patients prefer a discreet option that does not scream, “look at me, I wear braces.” as with color braces.

Fortunately, there are aesthetically sound and discreet options to treat misaligned teeth.

Clear Ceramic Braces

As their name implies, ceramic braces are clear. However, instead of metal as the main compound, the manufacturer uses ceramics that replicate teeth’ color, making them an aesthetically attractive option.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces seem they are not there, but they are. But how does that happen? The answer is more straightforward than you might think. The orthodontist cement the brackets in the rear part of teeth so they are imperceptible.


Clear alignment devices are a splendid innovation in orthodontics. When seeking an option that balances discreetness and effectiveness, you look for Invisalign. For instance, lingual braces are hard to clean, which makes oral hygiene quite tricky.

Invisalign makes the cleaning routine more manageable, and patients enjoy a more hygienic system. Additionally, Invisalign is also comfortable, and the treatment is effective when it comes to treatment time.

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